Mark Armitage is the senior Microscopist at the Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute, and is an expert when it comes to anything to do with microscopes and soft tissues. I spoke with Mark a little over a year ago, back before Covid hit, and I was really excited for this interview. I’ve always loved Dinosaurs, and when I first was getting serious about my faith, Dinosaurs were one of the things I was questioning, so speaking with Mark was really fun.

If you’d like to check out the website Mark mentions in the podcast, you can find it here: This is where you can download your free copy of the book he mentions (Old Stretchy the Dinosaur Bone Cell) and the second book he mentioned in development is out now as well, and you can find them both on the dstri website. You can also find articles and follow the updates from Mark’s research on this website as well.

Written by tback20