Travis is a stay-at-home dad of two little girls and resides in Jefferson, GA with is wife, Kate.  Over the past few years, Travis has felt called to reconnect with his faith and expand his knowledge of God’s word. Beginning in 2014, Travis started taking courses as part of a Biblical Studies program at his church in Lawrenceville, GA.  As he has studied the Bible, he has felt a new spark within himself, where he is seeing a passion for learning, teaching, discussing and sharing, develop.

As Travis began to think about how he could help others by sharing his passion, an idea emerged. Why not host a podcast where he can interview people about wonderful life-changing, encouraging stories, interview talented artists about their worship music and inspiration behind it and share his knowledge on the Bible in a way that is not a sermon, but rather a conversation, open to discussion and thoughts from those listening?

This is how The Voice of the Vine was born. The idea is to talk to Christians from all different backgrounds and occupations and chat with them, be inspired by their stories of faith and relationship with Christ, learn a bit more about the Word and grow simply by listening in.

This podcast will be a combination of interviews, book reviews and recommendations, worship music reviews and recommendations and opportunities to learn a bit more about the Bible in a relaxed, laid back style as Travis shares what he has learned in his studies over the past few years.

We will look to our listeners to help us build the topics as we want to make this about YOU and whatever will help YOU learn and grow.

So, how can you help us get started? Check out our Patreon Page for more info. By becoming a Patron, you’re not just providing a monetary contribution to this program, you’re helping us inspire those who really need it, educate those that feel lost and grow those who feel stagnant in their faith.

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