If you’re anything like me, the name “Matt Foley” immediately brings forth a great memory of Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live, or if you were lucky enough to have been there, at Second City in Chicago. The Motivational Speaker first appeared on SNL in May of 1993, over 26 years ago, and yet I still quote it to this day.

Well, Chris named that character after a good friend from his college rugby team, who is my guest on this episode, Father Matt Foley. Matt has had a long story of service to the Lord including missions in Mexico, tours as an Army Chaplain and more, and it was an honor to get to speak with him and hear his story.

AND, because it’s probably the only time I’ll be able to directly reference Chris’ work on my podcast, here is his first SNL performance as Matt Foley, the Motivational Speaker. I’ve seen this skit SO many times in my life, that I have it memorized, and yet it still makes me laugh to this day.

Written by tback20

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