Episode 25 – Mark Cole

“Our faith should also drive us to be extremely intentional in how we impact in every moment, every day, every relationship that we have.” In this episode of the podcast, I talk to Mark Cole.  Mark is the CEO of all of John Maxwell’s Companies and has more than 25 years of leadership and team… Read more »

Episode 24 – Mark Eiken

“God’s favor and anointing will always trump my talent.” In this episode of the podcast, I talk to Mark Eiken.  Mark is the central campus pastor of 12 Stone church in Lawrenceville, GA, though he has worn many other hats within ministry in different parts of the country.  In this interview, we talk about how… Read more »

Episode 23 – Dr. Frank Turek

“Unless the church gets a little bit more vocal and a little bit more intelligent in their defense, Christians are going to be more and more persecuted here. We’re going to lose our ability to live out our faith in the public square.” In this episode of the podcast, I talk to Dr. Frank Turek.  Dr…. Read more »

Episode 22 – Ryan Haworth

“There’s just something about giving that I think just connects you closer to the heart of God.” In this episode of the podcast I talk to Ryan Haworth, who is the campus logistics coordinator at 12Stone church.  We talk about everything from worship music, leadership, giving, trusting in God’s plan, kids, the logistics of launching… Read more »

Episode 21 – Sherrill Sizemore

“Had it not been for my girlfriend at the time, and then later my wife, I believe I honestly could have taken my life.” In this episode, I talk to Sherrill Sizemore.  Sherrill has been a family friend for all of my life, but I had never heard his story before.  We talk about everything… Read more »

Episode 20 – Chris Morgan

“What’s the standard of spiritual intensity?  What’s the standard for musical excellence?  I think that’s part of what leaders do, leaders always set the tone for their team.” In this episode of the podcast, I talk to Chris Morgan.  Chris is the head worship pastor at the central campus of 12Stone church.  We talk about… Read more »

Episode 19 – Mollie and Norman Holbrook

“When I had polio, she (a missionary) taught me about two years of school cause I couldn’t walk.” In this episode, I interview my grandparents (who I call Mamaw and Papaw), Mollie and Norman Holbrook.  I got to hear their story of how they grew up in rural Kentucky, how they met, we talked about… Read more »

Episode 18 – Doug Shontz

“There was a point at which God looked at me and said, ‘You’re dropping everything starting over.’” In this episode of the podcast, I talk to Doug Shontz.  Doug is a professional musician and computer programmer for 12Stone church, and we recorded this episode in the recording studio in his basement.  We talk about Doug’s… Read more »

Episode 17 – Aaron Klein

“I want to spend eternity in Heaven with you, I want you to be there with me, I want you to enjoy the salvation that I found in Jesus Christ.” In this episode, I talk to Aaron Klein.  You might have seen Aaron and his wife Melissa in the news a while back when they… Read more »

Episode 16 – Travis Billman

“The important thing is finding a community of people that encourage you in your faith and in your growth.” In this episode, I talk to Travis Billman, who is a pastor at 12 Stone church, is on the creative team and is the online campus pastor.  We talk about a lot of the creative pieces… Read more »

  • Episode 15 – Cyndye Harmon

    “There’s nothing more important to pray, and nothing closer to the heart of God than praying for the lost.” In this episode, I talk to Cyndye Harmon who is a prayer warrior.  She’s documented over 11,000 answers to prayer over the last 11 years!  We talk about intercessory prayer, spiritual warfare, prayer walking and so… Read more »

  • Episode 14 – Chris Peevy

    “You’re not idolizing in Christian music, you’re glorifying.” Chris was the lead singer for the band “Echoing Angels” for 12 years, and is now a worship pastor at Southside church in Athens GA.  In this episode we talk about Chris’ time with the band, becoming a worship pastor, writing worship music and so much more!… Read more »

  • Episode 13 – Chris Huff

    “I think prayer is one of the most illusive and misunderstood aspects of the Christian journey” In this episode, we talk about Chris’ journey from being an atheist to being a Christian on fire for God, we talk about fasting, marriage, some of the different types of prayer, the logistics involved in a church the… Read more »

  • Episode 12 – John Holbrook

    “Being where God wants you to be and doing what God wants you to do is more important than any kind of numbers you could ever get.” In this episode we talk to my Uncle John Holbrook, who was a Baptist preacher for 18 years.  We talk about everything from Royal Ambassadors, miraculous answers to… Read more »

  • Episode 11 – Sabrina Joseph

    “We search for approval, we search for belonging, and we search for purpose and significance and if those things are found in anything but God, they’ll be taken away and shaken, and we’ll try to redefine ourselves in every season by the next new thing.” In this episode we talk to Sabrina Joseph, who wrote… Read more »

  • Episode 10 – Bodie Hodge

    “When they kicked Christianity out of the classroom, they didn’t kick religion out, they just replaced it with the Godless secular religion of humanism.” In this episode of the podcast, I talk with Bodie Hodge from Answers In Genesis.  Bodie is funny, intelligent, he has great insights, and I thoroughly enjoyed this interview.  We talk about… Read more »

  • Episode 9 – Granny

    “I can’t get down on my knees, but when I lay down I pray for God to watch over me and to watch over my children.” In this episode I have a co-host of sorts.  Matthew Martin was my first guest, and he took me to interview his wife’s Granny while he was in town visiting…. Read more »

  • Podcast Episode 8 – Dr. Dave Ward

    “There’s no formula to get God to do what we want Him to do.  It’s just dependence, prayer, trust, patience, waiting, humility.  That’s not a formula, that’s a way of being.” In this episode, I talk to Dr. Dave Ward from Indiana Wesleyan University about everything from works righteousness, the book of Ephesians, different ways… Read more »

  • Podcast Episode 7 – Tony McKiddy

    “You can get cut, shot, and nobody’d ever find you.  That’s a real possibility, but God was calling me.” Tony had a hard life, growing up with gangsters and bootleggers and he was in a motorcycle gang for a long time.  He is now a chaplain for some motorcycle groups, and he does prison ministries…. Read more »

  • Podcast Episode 6 – Cliff Graham

    “Goliath was the sound underdog the whole way through that episode.”   In this week’s episode, we get to hear Cliff Graham’s story.  Cliff is the author of the “Lion of War” series and “Shadow of the Mountain: Exodus” series of books (among others), and is six years into the making of the major motion… Read more »