First off, you should check out Loud Krazy Love on DVD or Digital starting June 11th. I got a chance to check out the film and absolutely loved. I was very excited for this interview with Brian “Head” Welch from the band Korn, and his daughter Jennea. However, I did a full hour long interview and the recording did not work. SO, what you have here is a shorter episode where I tell you about the interview, and about the documentary.

It’s completely not the same, I know, but there’s no way to get back an original interview. We had moments where they said things that I didn’t know and I said things that they hadn’t heard before, and you can’t get those original moments back again, even if I were to re-record. So, I hope you can still get something out of this solo episode of the podcast where I recap an interview I had with two awesome people, and please go check out their film!!!

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photo credit: Courtesy of the Recording Academy™/photo by Rebecca Sapp

Written by tback20