“Unless the church gets a little bit more vocal and a little bit more intelligent in their defense, Christians are going to be more and more persecuted here. We’re going to lose our ability to live out our faith in the public square.”

In this episode of the podcast, I talk to Dr. Frank Turek.  Dr. Turek is a public speaker, author and president of the Apologetics website www.crossexamined.org.  In this episode we talk about how he grew up, his Apologetics website, some of his books, how to discuss and debate Christianity vs Atheism and/or macro evolution, Christian persecution in the work force, and more!

You can find out more about Dr. Turek from his Personal Facebook page, the Cross Examined Facebook page, or the Cross Examined Website.

Here is a link where you can find and purchase some of Dr. Turek’s books and other merchandise – http://impactapologetics.com/

Lastly, here is the link to The Alliance for Defending Freedom that Dr. Turek mentions in the interview.

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